Mapping Perception of Consumer Antivirus Software with Multidimensional Scaling Method

Ai Nurhayati, Frencius Frencius


Antivirus software industry is growing rapidly in the world in 2018. The domestic antivirus software industry must be able to compete on a global scale. To face free trade, Indonesia's antivirus software industry must be able to know its position in the minds of consumers, especially domestic consumers. In this research, Smadav will represent the antivirus software industry from Indonesia.In this research want to know how the position of smadav compared with its current competitors, namely Avast, Avira, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee and Norton. This research is only done to map antivirus software based on similarity according to respondent's perception.This research uses Multidimensional scaling (MDS) method through SPSS software program version 23. The results showed that there are three groups of different antivirus software based on similarity level according to the respondent's perception.On the two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps Norton antivirus software, Avast and Avira have similar resemblance according to the respondent's perception, because the location is closest and is in the same quadrant. Smadav differs according to perceptions of respondents. AVG, McAfee and Kaspersky have similarities according to respondents' perceptions.

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