Voice command based intelligent wheelchair

Veera Boopathy E.


In this research work, we present a voice recognition based wheelchair which can be controlled by voice or gesture movement or by touching the screen using an Android application developed and installed in smart gadget. Their day to day activities can be controlled easily by using ‘intelligent wheelchair’. Its major challenge for quadriplegic persons as they find difficult to do their normal activities. So this will be a great help for the challenged adults as they can control the wheelchair by just moving their voice or hands on the touchscreen. In some cases, the differently abled might not be able to control their fingers. The system uses the GSM communication to interface with the microcontroller and with the sensors which is inbuilt within it. According to the commands from android phone, the locomotion of the wheels were been controlled.


Android application; Voice control; Wheelchair


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/APTIKOM.J.CSIT.139


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