A Security Approach for Smart Grid on Review

Santosh Kumar Suman, Mohd. Aqib, Sumit Kumar Singh


Aim of this paper the infrastructure for the traditional grid & smart grid. Together depend upon management and control system but the main modification is in the security system because it activities the benefits of the cyber world for realizing its objectives, it also faces security attacks. Therefore security of the smart grid becomes foremost concern. Even the best smart grid infrastructure along with best management and control mechanisms will prove to be ineffective if security of the smart grid is not taken care of. In this discusses about the importance of protection in smart grid. It presents a review of progress made by researchers and governments and the technologies used in the area. It identifies the security issues involved with the current infrastructure. It points out about the areas in security where the research is still needed and discusses some observations regarding improvement of security in smart grid.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/APTIKOM.J.CSIT.93


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