Speech Scrambling Based on Chaotic Mapping and Random Permutation for Modern Mobile Communication Systems

Dhanya G, J Jayakumari


The expanding significance of securing data over the network has promoted growth of strong encryption algorithms. To enhance the information protection in network communications, this paper presents a Random permutation, chaotic mapping and pseudo random binary scrambling. It involves transforming the intelligible speech signal into an unintelligible form to protect it from interrupters. In this report, suggest a simple and secure procedure to secure the speech signal. The speech scrambling process makes use of two Permutations. In the first step, Random permutation algorithm is used to swap the rows of the original speech followed by swapping of rows using chaotic Bernoulli mapping. This produces an intermediary scrambled speech. In the second measure, pseudo random binary generator is used to make the final scrambled signal. Various analysis tests are then executed to determine the quality of the encrypted image. The test results determine the efficiency of the proposed speech scrambling process.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/APTIKOM.J.CSIT.95


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