An enhanced hybrid Pareto metaheuritic algorithm-based multicast tree estimation for reliable multicast routing in VANETs

Sengathir Janakiraman


Prompt and reliable data dissemination among the vehicular nodes of the network is indispensable as its mobility rate and limited coverage characteristics introduce the possibility of frequent topology changes. The effective and efficient sharing of critical information in the event of emergency necessitates either direct interaction or Road Side Units (RSUs)-based vehicular communication in the primitive place. Multicast routing is confirmed to be the significant scheme of data transfer since they establish reliable data dissemination between the source and destination vehicular nodes by estimating an optimal multicast tree. Moreover, QoS-constraint enforced meta-heuristic approaches are considered to be excellent for determining optimal multicast tree under multicasting. An Enhanced Hybrid Pareto Metaheuritic Algorithm-based Multicast Tree Estimation Scheme (EHPMA-MTES) is contributed for reliable multicast routing. The proposed EHPMA-MTES is confirmed to reduce the cost of transmission by 28% through the minimization of the multicast tree count formed during the process of multicast routing.

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